Writing on a daily journey

Some of us use private cars and some travel by public transport, but traveling from city to city to work or for leisure can be somehow a boring experience.  How people pass the time during their daily trip?  There are those that sink into their mobiles to send endless messages, others make phone calls, take a nap or read a book.  But, when a content writer is traveling, she (and he) can get from the daily journey many ideas that can serve as inspiration for writing an article or even the next book. So, how to get inspiration for writing during daily transportation ride?

Life as reflected in traveling

The first point is that regular trips become routine and so people do not find much interest in them. What else, the advanced technological world around us see this type of traveling as a waste of time and simply ignore the time we must get to work. After all, the day begins in the workplace, doesn’t it?

This practical lifestyle is also reflected in films, with most of the plot taking place in the office, and drives are dedicated to car chases.  But before the technological era of the 21st century, many film plots were based on the events that happened during the trip, the interactions that occurred among the passengers on long train trips, movies about the Third World countries reflected the daily life as an endless bus ride.  But now, we just skip the whole process and come directly to the busy office, the heart of the plot.  But even today, in the modern life, you can get ideas for writing from only three ingredients and create countless situations that can serve as inspiration for thickening the content.


Automotive, landscape, people and what else?

People – Create the characters

A slow drive can be enjoyable when we have our time for free, but when the bus slowly crawls and we must arrive at a meeting point in time, a completely different situation is created.  It is possible to reconstruct the experience from a writer’s point of view.  And as such, you maintain the perspective of an external observer.  You see the people coming in and out, you are analyzing their behavior in a non-invasive way, partly because the types of people’s behavior are already well known to the popular common thought. But the way you temporary associate them is still analyzing by your own perspective, and that can enrich the way you “catch” those interactions.

Automotive – Change the atmosphere

Vehicles have their rhythm, the sound of the road, the noise of the wheels, the size of the vehicle in which the heroes of a story are crammed.  How to make a regular trip a path to inspire content?  Here, let’s say you take the morning subway regularly.  It stops at regular stations, and people are getting on and off the train.  Neither you nor the other passengers try to think beyond the automatic and regular acts.  But, traveling is much more than that.  Ever trues to imagine the atmosphere on the train at night?  The sound of the doors closing.  The moves of the wagons.  If you do not travel during these times your imagination is more active – opening a door or chatter become more meaningful when we try to imagine them.  Such simulations can give depth and inspiration to the content we write.

Change the landscape

Usually in everyday driving the vehicle crosses very conventional views.  But, with a little imagination, we can find creative solutions for the environmental problems.  Green solutions?  Creating a friendly and safe environment?  One can easily imagine an environment ideally designed and a more pleasant landscape.  Therefore, routine driving is not necessarily so, because during the trip you can solve or recreate the landscape. But what about the characters?  They will come, too.


Emotions in motions

In general, driving is not defined as a good or a bad trip, but in terms of speed, good driving is so because you arrive on time, a bad ride is because of traffic jams on the way.  But, it is possible to get out of the routine and think a little differently, and the unwanted delays should not prevent the ability to find creative solutions, but even encourage them.  So even though most of us are adapting to a common environment and don’t ask questions, and the general behavior on delays is withdrawn to a laptop or staring out the window, we can deepen our perspective on the environment and find creative solutions to problems you decided to ignore during our short travelling existence.  The uncomfortable benches, the unopened window, the dreary landscape you watch from your window.  It’s time to pull out the pen and solve the world’s problems!

During a short journey

Are you even aware that the regular way you travel every day can have a fatal effect on feelings?  Whether it’s the people we were meeting on the way, the weather or the breaking news.  A lot of things do happen during a short ride and it is likely that somewhere they affect our behavior during the day. Instead of accumulating those feelings you can just write them.

A personal opinion

As a web writer, I find it is comfortable to write a few articles within an hour ride, and so can do everybody. It could be on a bus, a train or even a subway – It is not too complicated using mobile devices for writing or taking notes. Have a good ride!