Why good content is not enough for visibility

You are involved in a fascinating field, you want to share your professional knowledge or to promote your business on the web, so you decided to publish a post that insights your niche. You created a well written and original content, published it on your website, and you have all the good reasons to expect the users to read your article or post. But your content is not located on the first pages of the search results and therefore does not get the proper exposure and visibility that enables it to be seen by more users. The search engine moguls say that the quality of content is very important, so what are the reasons that your well written post is positioned low on search engines results?

seo for visibility

The secrets of search engines

Google is the leading search engine in the United States, Europe and most countries worldwide.  Fewer users choose to use Yahoo and Bing as second search engine and alongside there are some countries that use their own search engines, such as Baidu in China and Yandex in Russia.
It is important to keep the high visibility of a content. A promoted content is more viewed on search results and have more chance to be clicked on. In some cases, SEO tactics can help significantly to distribute the page visibility on search engines and to exposure it to a wider range of a target audience. But first it is important to understand why your content did not get the right recognition for its quality:

Low ranking for technical reasons

First, the content is not actually ‘read’ by search engines. It is scanned mechanically by bots (or crawlers). The role of the search engine algorithms is to filter the information that the bots scan. The algorithms operate based on intricate calculations, and among other things, it identifies the quality of the content and by that allows the search engine to rank it on high position. But there are technical problems that could prevent search engines from indexing a website or a webpage. They are mostly about codes that generate the performance of content on the internet and can be handled by the site manager.

blocking the webpage from being crawled

A possible reason for webpage content to not be included at all in search results can be blocking it from the search engine crawlers. A webpage or a whole website can be blocked from scanning by robots file or noindex tag that are used mostly during website development etc. These codes warn Google not to index certain pages or an entire website and the result can be that the content does not appear or disappears from the search results.

Not adjusting mobile site

60% of searches are made by mobile devices that were adjusted by google as a parameter for sites visibility. If your site is not responsive or optimized for mobile this can be the reason for your content poor results.

Duplicated and copied content

technically a duplicate content is a term that defines same meta titles or descriptions for multi pages, or the lack of site language code definition (for example, hrelflang tag for BG or US).  The solution is to optimize the pages by creating unique meta title and description and setting the language of the site.
A different case is the duplicate text in the content’s body that was being copied, for example, a quote from post on another site. This is a common act of quoting content that was published by well-known sites.  When the copied content is crawled by bots the page is not necessarily ‘punished’ but search engine could choose to display one of the webpages that contain that specific text and ignore the others. Basically, good content should not be copied. It is better to use your own original text for the post and not to copy it from other sources.

website’s quality links

inbound links to post or article are useful for bringing users to read the content. Search engines value links coming from “good” and stable sites. It is important to avoid links that Google treats as “spammy”. In these cases, the admin or the SEO expert should remove the excessive links and ask the site owners and search engines to remove the disavow backlinks. Not removing links after warning can lead to “punishment” that causes a reduction or disappearance of site pages from search results.

The importance of links

Linking a post via popular websites will enable it to continue gaining audience and will keep it relevant for a long time. Publishing more good articles means more quality links that will direct new readers and strengthen previous content.

Alternatives to search engine visibility

Millions of search queries are made each day on search engines. New content is frequently loaded and indexed. Few terms display a small amount of results while most keywords query present thousands and millions. Approximately thirty results can enter to the first three pages and get the most exposure from it. Therefore, sometimes it as good idea to use alternative methods other than SEO to get more visibility for the content:

  • Ads – text and media ads that include chosen terms can expose the content on various online channels.
  • Sponsored content – is used to distribute content by offering and directing the readers to the article webpage.
  • Social networks – exposing the post to viral social network is an excellent way for reaching audiences and inform them about the new and interesting content (via profile and business pages, groups and ads).