Tips for creating a free website

If you want your own website for free and to get the tools to set it up quickly and easily, so you can publish your content online and check what users think about your materials and products, it is important to find the right solutions for your free website, that also fit your ability to manage and handle your website on the net.
You can find a wide variety of tools and platforms that help you to set up a website, upload content and monitor data , and it could be free of charge! Great, isn’t it?

Here are some tips to help you use some free tools

Three (Almost) free platforms for creating a website

  • BlogSpot ( – is an old Google blogs platform. Although the design is simple and a bit inconvenient for users who are not proficient in managing web platforms, websites are responsive and pleasing to the eye.
  • Wix – a platform for creating beautiful sites, though it is mostly suitable for setting up beautifully visual sites. And you can find templates and lots of design options.
  • WordPress – the “flagship” of the open source. A reliable and easy to operate content management system. A free option to set up and store the site on platform is a possible but limited option.

Monitoring visits and checking site status – Google tools

Google Search Console – allows you to get an excellent description of  site status and even the possibility of detecting technical issues (such as blocking spiders). It is recommended to check the results every few days in order to monitor the site health and to identify problems in scanning pages or even the whole site – problems that can happen from time to time.

Analytics – is a tool that allows you to get a broad view of  visits, source of visits, visitors preferences, content engagement, conversion, and etc. In Analytics you can define many complex actions such as segmentation, goal setting and remarketing (by agreement).  Less complicated, you can use the tool in the most basic way  to get a general idea of visits and visitors behavior.

Tools for monitoring online

Also you can use well-known site monitoring platforms, other than Google, to sign up for free and to check and improve your site position and visibility on the web.

Tools for engaging visitors

Share buttons

Adding share buttons to a website provides users with the ability to share content on social net. Some free applications are very popular. They include options such as personal formatting, sharing buttons, registration forms and pop-ups.

Send and subscribe to the newsletter

Plugins for newsletters include free system versions for delivering email to mailing lists. Besides the basic content and sending functions, each extension can have additional features, for example, monitoring the opening of the emails, scheduling newsletter distribution, increased security options, etc.

Free website design

Free website design can be a little limited, but yet you can find large variety of templates and tools that are beautifully responsive for any screen.

  • When you select a template for your website, it’s important to remember that Google is not fond of websites that are not mobile-friendly. Sometimes adapting mobile option for website structure can be expensive. The alternative is choosing a responsive format that is automatically optimized for desktop and laptop computers (built-in on platforms such as Blogger).
  • Another important point in setting up a website, is adapting its design to the spiders requirements, mainly because design files can block the crawler and not allow pages to be indexed. Google’s Search Console and other free tools provide options for testing site health from a technological point of view. Borne in mind that these problems can sometimes be solved only by a professional.

free website tips

Disadvantages of choosing a website on a free platform

People do pay for designing and structuring their websites. Sometimes you do not need all functions, or you want a temporary website for you start. So,  a free designed website is a good and beneficial alternative. If you want more options for your business website, you might choose not to settle for being a free website owner.
So, before setting up a free website, check some important points, to see if it really matters for your plans.

  • First, ask yourself or check with your calculations, what are the reasons for setting your site on the web?
    Try to calculate it with the possible duration of holding your website on the server.
  • To build you own temporary website takes no more than a few minutes, but, some important facts can help you keep your website presence on the web for long:
    • A free website can work for you for a long time and thrive on the web. The disadvantage can be expressed in changing the site location, such as switching to another platform. In this situation, the rights for using the entire site (content and design) or a part of it (the site’s design for example), can be of the hosting company. In other words, transferring a free site and getting the ownership can be an action that includes payment.
    • When you consider setting up a free website, the site’s domain is connected to the host, meaning that the site has a “serial” domain name according to the server’s name. In most cases the option for personal domain is not free of charge. On  the other hand, the advantage is that you can choose and own a domain name.

Content for your website

The most important part of all sorts of websites is the content, weather photos, videos, articles, categories and pages. Of course, you can make your own content, or use free photos websites, and manage it all for almost free. You can also use writing services to have professional and SEO content, for your visitors and for the search engines.