Reading online content

Online content was born as a hybrid writing. It’s textual and readable, but it is also formatted to fit in for the screens and the web technology. It’s a must that turned online content such as post or a web article into a unique branch of any text that was ever written, in fields such as literature, marketing, poetry, advertising.

Why do we love to read?

People love to read. Books and magazines were always the way to spend time before the T.V. era. Now, the internet is a wonderful source for reading online content and getting more data than ever. Actually, the internet is the main source of knowledge for mankind – by reading online content you can know almost all about everything. But apart from the web technology, we do have former data collecting great achievements such as the vast library of Alexandria that held more than half a million papyri, but was burnt and left no remains, or the Vatican library which still contains more than million printed books.

Switch the button to reading online content

It took some time, but we adapted the screen and the buttons as content online reading tools, and today most people who use a connected device are already reading online. With so many potential readers on the web, it seems that one can write everything. But it is for all sorts of online writing, that a text must be clear and understandable, and should fit into as many web content publishing terms as possible.

Matching the terms for the online readers

E-books are the way of translating pure printed text by the exact way it was written for those who prefer reading online books instead of reading the printed version. But as for writing for the internet, some elements, such as site structure and in-page optimization must be considered, and of course, the audiences who visit the site. The sort of visitors  a writer or a publisher need for their online content, and the way the visitors find the particular web page where the content is, became the main reason for SEO, a term that every business, big or small that owns a website is dealing with. The organic search of online content means that people who are searching for a particular term on a search engine, find one’s link located at the top places of the first page. First seen, they click it to reach for one’s content. It is necessary for a content writer when, for example, he (or she) wants to publish an article on a site which does not get a lot of entries, to be on the first places on a search engine, because it is an action that can bring readers and sharing, and then other readers, as if people see, people read. Same for social networks, one cannot just write for those who are reading online content because he has to use techniques that bring them to read his posts on a platform that includes thousands and millions contents. It is very different from the way Dickens wrote his books. He published his ongoing story in Friday’s newspaper, and people were waiting for the new chapter every Friday. Nowadays, writers who write online content have to send to their readers reminders and emails for each post they had published. writing for the internet had become a whole package that aims for those who are reading  content on the internet and using it for their needs. It is not personal as for the most common decisions of how to present content on the internet are made by machines.

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