My personal perspective

Every writer workplace has its positive and its unbearable sides. While moving from one working place to another in a short time, I developed a kind of my ‘unique writer perspective’ about the best and worst of these two different, yet connected worlds: A private corner at home, or an office desk with a window view of the kiosk across the street.

Where to put my mug?

From my writer perspective, a good point for working in an office (not to mention the advantage of having a lot of air conditioner) is that you can have your own work upgraded area. The downside is that in most cases workers cannot decorate their working space (except for the personal mug, of course). Working from home gives workers the possibility to furnishing their working space in any design. Yes, Any design!
Nowadays, technology makes it easy and comfortable to work from home. But it was different in time before the Internet era. In those days, high-tech jobs were considered among the most advanced and skillful working fields, and ingenious young wonders were carried on hands and got high salaries – well, that is the impression you could get from T.V. series, unless you read Steve Jobs Biography. Otherwise, administrative jobs were available only in the office places themselves. The results of this fast economic process were that hierarchy dilemmas and territory office conflicts, provided a lot of work for many businesses consultants, as for office work must continue, at all costs.
But the Dungeons and Offices game began some time before the Hi-Tech era. The first modern office building was built-in the 18th century. The first constructions of huge offices’ buildings were raised through the early years of the 20th century. So the next step, after it was scientifically revealed in the 60′ era of the 20′ century, that offices’ environment causes boredom which creates poor employees’ productivity, was to understand that optimizing the working environment is important for the workers happy productivity. The first versions of modern cubical office spaces were designed, allowing each employee to have his pot corner and a mug.

What about the gender?

If you are dealing with that old gender question: do women fit for office work, you do not have a worry! Office work is intended for women, says all times’ statistics. Well, as we know well, a good secretary is hard to find, but, it turns out that a few hundred years ago, the situation was completely different.
The industrial revolution embraced female workforce, but mostly throughout the industrial work zones. Women were employed in manufacturing plants and workplaces that are now considered to be masculine, such as physical work in coal mines. At the end of the 19th century, Feminist (or at that time ‘suffragette’) activity spread, and had influenced many worldwide life habits, among them workplaces that now could be intended for women. Their vigorous activity is the main reason for women to have the rights (literally) to be promoted and to expand their education. So that today, women across the world are holding most of the non-senior office positions.

And a freelancer position?

Well, this fine position that enables us to write from home is also not completely what it seems. The origin term of that work position: ‘Freelancer’, is a mercenary, according to the book “Ivanhoe”, which was written by Sir Walter Scott, in the 19th century. Since then, the term has evolved and distinguished and rolled to Oxford dictionary. So, sharpen your pen and get the writing work done!

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