Keeping value of online article

Article marketing is intended for visitors who want to get a detailed background about possible solutions to a problem that they are dealing with or information about a particular product they find optional for their purchase. They have not yet formulated a consumer decision but want to know more about options of how to solve their problem.

Article marketing holds useful values, so how do we keep its high-quality benefits on the internet? Some important methods for keeping online content value:

Headline is the first

Many users do not read the whole content. Instead, they only flutter the headline. When a user wants to get informed about a subject, a headline that tells him clearly what the article is about is the door to his interaction with the article’s content – It tells him that the content can supply him with solutions.

The relevance of the article’s content

If its topic and the content are relevant, users will be interested in reading it a long time after it was published. Usually, article marketing is for open questions; it does not refer directly to the product or business. The article deals with a particular subject, provides general or specific background on an industry and presents solutions, for and even against the dilemma the users had when they started reading.

Articles are dealing with issues relating to the potential customers’ decision (such as articles about types of treatments for back pain, or a specific product quality, etc.). The information the users read helps them to decide how to proceed with solving their dilemma, which could occur time after the article was uploaded on the web.

The article’s location

Should a marketer upload a web article to a multi-articles website, which raises the opportunity for having a wide range of viewers, or to the company’s or business’s website, on purpose to get more targeted but fewer readers?

Uploading a web article to a portal: Mostly, the article does have the advantage to be exposed in front of many viewers. The downside is that a web article has only a short lifetime exposure before many more articles take its place.

Publishing a web article on the business website: This way businesses can keep their articles ‘on the place ‘, but it also means less exposure to users, comparing to articles uploaded to a portal that holds a place for many web articles’ publishers.

Adding links to the article

Internet marketing is a system in which links play an important role. When users want to receive more information, they click on a link that takes them to the company’s or service provider’s website. And if the site is tailored to its marketing target, it offers the users updated information, solutions and long lasting ways to contact.

Web article to promote the business

 If the article has a high-quality content and it brings some good benefits to consumers, you may consider creating appropriate outbound links or ads, to move users to the article’s homepage. Entering your site enables users to find more details and information about their desired service or product.

Did you choose to publish a quality internet article that surely can provide solutions to your potential customers? You are just getting started!

How you choose to expose the article on the web is an important parameter for keeping its marketing value for a long time.

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