How to balance eating and creativity

What should be the best diet for a writer, or any office worker, who spends hours in a closed room? We  know that a daily diet based on snacks and coffee is not healthy, so what are the options?

In our time we struggle with many conflicting ideas about wrong and healthy nutrition eating habits. Should we cut off diary products, stick to a vegetarian or meat menu, eat soy products or any odd foods that someone mentioned? Seems that the best place to be during a day is the middle – a bit of this and a bit of that and not too much of those.

A short list of vegetarian and meat products, that can even replace one another during a creative day. What’s better? Try and see!

Seitan (wheat gluten) burger or meat burger?

Seitan is a vegetable product made from wheat. Was developed and manufactured by strong will Chinese monks who wanted to eat meat, but their monastery forbade them so they created food that offered them a meat like taste.

Seitan products can fill some holes that meat hamburger cannot. The thing about meat burger is that despite the relatively high amounts of Cholesterol, it’s not a comforting food (like it’s companion French fries, for example).

The vegetarian substitutes have a texture like meat and can be is used for making hamburgers without the need for recipe changes. It is not too dry and retains its shape after frying.

Lentils burger or green salad with Legumes?

One can also make a substitute for a hamburger from lentils. Very tasty, but some of us see legumes as an addition to a main dish. A suggestion for a tasty solution is slightly cooked lentils (or beans, etc.), with fresh vegetables, green salad or herb salad. Tasty, refreshing, and also good as nutritious additions.

Coffee or coffee substitute?

Coffee is an addictive drink which is hard to get rid of. There are substitutes similar to coffee drinks, so if you really try, you can somehow get used to them at some point of self persistence. However, date seeds or palm powder are drinks that taste excellent.

Egg omelet or chickpeas flour pancake?

Those who would not give up scrambled eggs could find it hard to imagine eating vegetarian substitutes. But egg omelet can be substituted by a product made from chickpeas powder. Delicious and fried!

Artificial sweeteners or sugar

The claims that sugar causes hyperactive behavior are, to me, true. But the more I try to use artificial substitutes, the more I dislike it. Using dates honey or brown sugar instead is  more natural and also adds some nutritional supplements to the daily feeding.

A nutritional revolution up to the end?

How can one really get rid of all bad habits? You can remove the sweet snacks, replace them with beet and carrot sticks, and still remain dissatisfied and not creative!

Therefore, the most important thing is not to exaggerate in any direction. For example, Cholesterol is essential for maintaining a healthy body, so why consider it “bad”?

With so many vegetarian substitutes for meat and vice versa that are manufactured and nurtured, it is important to know about optional substitutes that can help almost everybody to keep up a delicious and balanced diet on every day.