Helpful techniques for online content

Online content is the invention of the millennium. Most content is not written for itself but is also used for business purposes means of communication, marketing and educational. The daily amount of published posts is over two million. It’s a huge amount, but even though many are eagerly reading articles and posts the way printed articles and newspapers columns were read previously, average time for reading online content is only 9 seconds. Therefore, it is required not only to write for internet users in an interesting way but also to draw the online readers to content. As the Internet is filled with data, it became necessary to diversify the existing content. So, here are some techniques for creating more attractive online content:


Attractive headlines preceded the techniques of new marketing and buyer journey. Titles such as: the only way to online marketing; 5 quick tips for success; when was your last success in business? 4 criteria; etc., promised to meet the consumer hunger and pain. To find the answer which is guaranteed by the title the user must focus on the content itself. In many cases, an attractive content is also attached to a contact form to direct users to the guide or purchase page. But, an attractive headline is not enough to reach the top spots in promoting the page. It is almost certain that without appropriate meta tags, page content will not be promoted and not be exposed to an organic target audience.


Images attract visitors to stay on the page and generate feedback from users. Highlighting photos in posts is one of the factors driving social networking to flourish. Photos also have value for presenting long posts – they “break” long content, illustrate the issue, and work on emotion. It is convenient to incorporate images into the content, in part because of the technological advances of the Internet and the mobile, which enables a responsive upload of images. Images blend well into social blog posts and on platforms like WordPress. The ability to add meta tags to images has also made them useful for organic promotion.



Adding graphs or tables to articles dealing with economic or business issues may not seem attractive to those who are far from those issues, but in some areas, a graphic illustration of the subject has a great importance. A graph encapsulates the text and gives a sense of reliability to the data suggested in the content.


Infographics are used, same as graphs, to illustrate the subject. But, they have unique visual features that combine images, data, and texts. Infographics may be colorful and interesting and include a lot of information. They can be saved as image files.

inforgraphic bubbles


The use of technology affects the quality of content reading. A user-friendly system that includes buttons, menus and hyperlinks enables a fluent reading. When components do not work properly they can certainly cause abandonment of the reader. It is therefore important to ensure that the content is readable and technologically accessible. Also important is the location of all elements in order not to cause distraction. For example, a button that refers to a contact page is usually placed after the last paragraph of the article (so as not to disturb the reading sequence).


Videos are an attractive medium, but they can grab the attention of the user. They are appropriate to reinforce the content message, for example in a newsletter.

Platform and target audience

What methods should one use to make users read more of his content – To combine surprising headlines with entertaining videos, add graphs and photo?

  • The answers for these questions can be found by the right marketing strategy. By planning a “buyers journey” a marketer can determine the type of content and its characteristics.  It is important to distinguish between the various “stations” of the buyers journey, due to differences in platforms and audiences.

For example, when you want to expose marketing content in search results, it is important to understand the different values of text and visual – titles are displayed on the search engine but images are mostly displayed on images search engine. There is also a difference between text ad and display ad, etc.

  • The platform’s structure is important for choosing the type of content.

Does the site structure interfere with reading the content, does the platform support the media, are the images best viewed on computers and mobile devices?

  • It is important to choose the type of content depending on the target audience.

For example, the choice between adding Video Guide to post or adding an external video link is determined depending on the target audience: weather it is the enthusiastic user that wants to watch the guide immediately or a more hesitant user that needs to look for more sources of information.

And of course, it is important that the content be interesting in a way that will make the user become a loyal reader.

target audience